Jammed In was formed by Heather Coste in 2011 in order to sell homemade jams, jellies and preserves, created from fresh, in season, and when possible, local produce. Calling attention to the efforts of local farmers and artisans, Jammed in also offers classes on home preserving and edible gardening, as the owner shares her passions for self-sufficiency and simple living.

We strive to source locally grown produce whenever possible. While some of our signature flavors, like Three Chili Strawberry Mango Jam, are not locally sourced, many of our produce is, and every year, we search for new outlets for local ingredients. All of our products are labeled with an ingredient list that will help our consumers know where our ingredients come from when they are local. We use three designations on our products, which are:

Local- Ingredient comes from within day-trip driving distance of Long Island.

Long Island - Grown here on Long Island, and often purchased directly from the farm.

Homegrown - Grown in Holbrook, on the Jammed In homestead. Currently limited, but expanding every year.

Any ingredients without a designation came from farther flung locales, but are still chosen at peak freshness and as close to our location and season as possible.

Because of this, Jammed In flavors are by nature short runs. If we run out of Strawberry Rhubarb Jam by October, there will be no more Strawberry Rhubarb Jam until the following spring. We will never make Peach Pie Jam in February, or Chai Apple Jelly in June. So you can be sure that the jar of jam you are bringing home was made with only the best and the freshest fruits possible.