Classes are available on a wide range of topics. Learn how to make jam, jellies and fruit preserves, or pickles and salsa. We will talk about canning safety, tools and techniques. Learn how to put up that glut of tomatoes from the garden, or the numerous ways to preserve fresh herbs. Classes on Edible Landscaping are also available to learn how to grow your own fruits or vegetables, including uncommon edibles and ornamental edibles.

Class topics can vary by season. A class on quick marmalades, using in season citrus fruit might be available in winter, while a class on making peach salsa would not be. If a specific fruit or product is desired, keep seasonability in mind.

Private classes are for one or two people, and can be taught in your own kitchen or the Jammed In kitchen. Group classes are available for up to 10 people, with all necessary supplies being brought to your personal kitchen. Event classes are available for library, festival or local events. Special considerations will be made for non-profit events and classes for children.

Active, hands on classes include a jar of whatever has been made to bring home for each participant.