Small batch, seasonal jams are made at the height of the growing season for peak freshness.

For more information on local delivery and ordering within New York State:
*Brown Sugar Clementine Marmalade with Vanilla
*Three Chili Strawberry Mango Jam
*Strawberry Margarita Jam
*Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
*Rhubarb Earl Grey Tea Jam
*Cherry Berry Chipotle Jam
*Cherry Pie Jam
*Gooseberry Jam
*Plum Vanilla Jam
*Peach Pie Jam
*Peach Blueberry Jam
8 oz Jars - $7
*Beth's Brew - Gunpowder Green Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Lavender Flowers
*Tangerine Sunrise - Black tea, tangerine zest, hibiscus, rosehips, corriander
*Southern Summer Tea - Black tea, spearmint, mojito mint, lemon balm, dried lemon
*Lemon Spice Tea - Black tea, dried lemon, cloves
*Summer Chill Tea - Spearmint, purple mint, Mojito mint, tarragon
*Red Coconut - Rooibos, coconut, hibiscus flowers
Blended Teas - $3/ounce
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