Tuesday Tidbits

Sometimes I have a week where I run across a bunch of things I like. Sometimes I’m content to just sit back and enjoy them myself. And sometimes, I want to share them with everyone I know. So click on if the interest strikes you. Here are some tidbits for this week.

  • I love science. Science rocks. Seriously it really, really does. And as much as I love astronomy and quantum physics, what I really love is science that impacts my every day life. This article on the chemistry of seasoning a cast iron pan hits my science/kitchen sweet spot.
  • Food in Jars does it again for me, this time with a Pear and Chocolate Jam. I’ve done a riff on black forest jam, using cherries and chocolate, but this looks impossible to pass over.
  • This week I learned that pamplemousse is french for grapefruit, and that it grows in clusters like grapes. And the recipe for grapefruit in simple rosemary syrup looks divine.
  • This is an older recipe from over at Grow it Cook it Can it for Valencia Orange Marmalade with Apples and Cranberries. Somehow I had missed it in previous readings of the blog and got turned on to it after seeing it mentioned on Hitchhiking to Heaven.
  • A little morbid, but there are biodegrable urns for a person’s ashes when they die. They include tree/plant seeds, so that they can be planted and it will grow a tree. I love the idea of “leaving behind a tree, not a tombstone.”
  • I ended up with too much yogurt this week. I ate less of it than I usually do for some reason. Just not feeling the yogurt vibe. So I’ve been debating what to make with it when I ran across this recipe for vanilla frozen yogurt that doesn’t require an icecream maker. Sign me up!
  • Not from this week, but still worth passing on. Northwest Edible Life has a great post A Brief History of Monsanto and the Seed Houses Who Got Screwed. A reminder that research in all things is important, because not all of the folks we think are carrying Monsanto-strosities actually are. Don’t let a good seed house take the fall.
  • And my favorite this week, bar none, is over at WellPreserved. They put up a simple post on how to zest a lemon, with some amusing pre-commentary about just how complicated everyone seems to make this process. It made me giggle.


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